Overcoming the Greatest Challenge People with New and Small Businesses, or Passion Projects Have

Have you ever started something out of passion like photography, offering your services to provide affordable websites for people, writing about your interests, or launching a new product that you created? I am pretty sure you already had one or two thoughts in mind.

I consider myself a ‘jack of many trades’ but a master of none. I have a lot of interests and skills that I want to pursue. However, many times, when I start something, I always feel that I am not good enough or my product is not the best… And I end up halting my plans even if I am very much interested to launch something or pursue a new career. The latest skill that I have revived (because I had it in 2016) is my skill and love for web designing. In October 2020, I decided to finally make this a service I can offer to people. But here I am again, writing this article because like most of the projects and careers I started before, I am feeling something scary inside me.

With all those said and done, I think the greatest challenge a person should overcome when starting out an idea or project is SELF-DOUBT — not believing in yourself, ignoring the credit for your hardwork, and choosing to give up with what you started to save yourself from possible failure.

You had that feeling too, right? MANY TIMES! So, I want to share with you some thoughts I use to trick my mind and my heart to keep going… Because I will not let my self-doubt win this time.

Five things I keep on reminding myself to overcome self-doubt:

  1. You are not perfect but you are enough.

    Part of starting up is accepting that not everyone will like you. Always remember that others may give up on you or not believe in you, but as long as you are passionate with what you are doing, there is no reason for you to stop. 

  2. Surround yourself with people who are supportive of you and those who give you constructive feedback.

    Sometimes what you need is another human to believe in you. You may find them in your family or closest friends. They can help you emotionally especially when the monster of self-doubt is so strong and you cannot fight it alone.

  3. Your skills may not be the best right now in the market so you need to continue learning.

    There are so many competitions around you. You may lack a lot of things. But that does not limit you from improving yourself, your services, or your products. Do not stop learning and discovering! Web Designing is a skill that is constantly competitive. There are so many competitions in this field who are more experienced and more established. But I always take time to learn and improve my skills more. I watch YouTube tutorial videos from web designers. I recently enrolled and finished a Web Design course from FVA Consultancy. I also enrolled in a Udemy Course to develop more skills and enhance my knowledge in Web Development. I also joined Web Designers group and read their posts… And from there, I learn. Through those things, I give myself a chance to improve my skills and my perspective. You can do this too! You can always research on how to improve your products and services, or your passion project!

  4. If the feeling of self-doubt is so profound, list down your specific doubts and make a plan to address them.

    Self-doubt is always overwhelming. It is overpowering your passion and it can make you stop everything you already started. To address this, I list my fears, questions, and issues. Then I ask myself, “Are these issues valid? Are these really problems that I need to solve?” If they are valid concerns, I list down my plans on how to address them. If they are present out of pure doubt and fear, or the general ‘what if’s’, I cross them out from the list and never think of them again. Do this too, if you doubt yourself, products or services. List down your concerns. Ask yourself if those are valid concerns and will affect your business. If not, then cross them out and never think of them again. If they are valid, list down plans on how to address them.

  5. Lastly, just continue with what you are doing.

    I learned though the years that I can never really start something if I keep on getting scared of the what if’s and I keep on waiting to be ‘ready’ or 100% prepared. Just begin. If you’re offering services and you believe that you already have the basic knowledge and skills needed for it, start right away! If your products are already ready but you are scared people will not like it, launch it no matter what! The first step is always the hardest. But it is a milestone because the first step is always the one full of courage and hope.

Courage and hope – do not let it fade away!

If you are a person with a new business or passion project and you need a website to boost your online presence, I offer affordable web design services with optional low-cost website maintenance. Message me and we will work on it and fight your doubts together. Good luck!

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