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Hi! Thank you for considering Digital With Ease! Please answer the following questions so I can send the best proposal for your website needs. You are answering the E-Commerce Package or the "I AM SELLING SOMETHING" intake form. If you made a mistake and want the Non-E-Commerce Package, please click the 'back' button and look for the package that suits you. If not, please answer the questions below. Thank you!
Should you decide to buy your own web hosting, you can check prices at
Domain name is your website address. Mine is Other sites are,, etc.
SSL Certificate keeps your website secure. This is observed if your site address has padlock beside it. This also increases your legitimacy because you value the security of your website visitors.
(Example: You want people to find your website so they will know about your products and buy from your website. OR you goal is to showcase your photography skills so people will buy it directly from your website.)