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Transition your business, ideas, or passion projects online! Let me build the website for you, easy and hassle-free!

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What can I help you with?

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Web Design and Basic SEO

If you need a blog, a portfolio, an e-commerce site, or any page that needs to showcase the business, products, organization, or services that you offer, I’ll design it from scratch using WordPress. 

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Video Editing | Voice Over

If you need your videos to be edited with a twist of fun, an educational and informative style, or even add a professional feel to it, I can make it happen.

Who am I and why choose Digital With Ease?

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Hi, my name is Evangeline Grace and I am the woman behind “Digital With Ease.” I am a social worker by profession but I love digital things. Communicating with people to address their needs is one of my main skills. The other skills are in the digital world such as creating websites, video editing, and basic designing.

Like what my domain name tells you, going digital doesn’t have to be difficult, confusing, and expensive. I will help you choose the excellent, most suitable, and cost-efficient digital solution for your needs in the easiest way possible. This way, we’ll both be happy!

I boast my after-project service to all my web design clients! Even when our project is done, I am still going to give two (2) weeks of email support and a one-time free service for minimal and minor adjustments. Plus, I also offer a low-cost monthly website maintenance service so you will not have to worry about the technical updates and keeping your site healthy.

Remember, Evangeline Grace is my name, and excellence is my game. 🙂